Tabitha and Mason’s Wedding

Tabitha and Mason’s Wedding

No more dreads

No more dreads

<Delete> the Inevitable Youth

"…we attempt our damnest to forget the detention locked away in fragile memories, but to suffice, we self-embark further into Hell in order to find true hope and an ending to our personal despair…"

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Change for You

"…If I am to die, or to live, therefore to love, then I shall not embark into a future followed by the burdens of my past…"

Felt great to go back to the gym yesterday…except calves are on fire and arms I can barely lift….so stomach today instead. Glad I got that membership back.

I just want to try and accommodate for when I cut my hair in a couple of weeks…no more dreads and unsure how the outcome will be. Didn’t realize how attached I am with my hair

But this needs to happen. To shed away all I’ve done in my past and steadily aim towards a new, better future. I need this change, therefore my body will go through a change as well.

Almost everyone is telling me it’s a, mistake, and they’re what made me, “me” simply because that’s what they’ve known me to have.

That’s EXACTLY why I need to cut them off. Know me for me. Not the art, not the hair, not the skin, not the body but simply the mind and actions.

A Weekend of Beginnings

Long weekend, but productive.

Shot my best friends beautiful wedding,

Emily got her dream surgery done,

I finally have someone moving in to replace my roommate, (and it’ll be someone who won’t just dip out when things get rough and leave me with the huge amount of rent like the last 2),

got to see Eli and Emily,

Cleaned my entire room and kitchen. Including my bathroom…it was bad but spotless now

FINALLY saw the Grand Budapest Hotel which was an amazing movie,

Migrated all wedding pictures to jpg from raw in preparation to edit (this is actually rare for me to have this happen so quickly)

…I think that’s it…

"…Just be careful…"

an incredible hard hit on Asian stereotypes and on stereotypes in general.

this is exactly why I HATE when people decide to assume that I act the same way as the rest of my race does and find it odd when I do.


I photographed and watched my best friend get married on Friday.

Hands down the best wedding I’ve ever shot and ever attended. I could barely recognize her, but I’ve never seen her so nervous…and so happy. I’m really glad she has gotten to this point and completely turned her life around.

I’m also super glad she’s been helping me start and run my business!!! She’s done so much already!

Emily, I really wish she could have been there with me. I wish even more that I could have been right next to her during her surgery and when she got out. I hate seeing her in pain.

I can never tell her enough how grateful I am of her and how much I love her. It’s been over 5 years…and the both of us have changed significantly…yet I still love her the exact same.

Even when I was with my ex, of course I did have strong feelings about my ex, but I never dismissed the fact that I would ever lose the love and respect for Emily with everything we’ve gone through together. I was VERY upfront about that to her. Even when things got really REALLY rough between Emily and myself….I knew she was always a good mother to Eli and never forgot the past.

The point to this is…these two are incredibly important to me. They’re family to me, always.

Although, one day soon, Emily…I’ll welcome the world everyday, to a smiling woman and a happy son.

I’ll have a home to come to.



Prepping for today. Peppered Avocado with lemon, cilantro, and Turkey on whole wheat bread.

Prepping for today. Peppered Avocado with lemon, cilantro, and Turkey on whole wheat bread.